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  1. Campfires must be within a fire ring, attended and contained.  No burning of plastic, glass, and/or metals are allowed. 

  2. Water hoses used for human consumption must be rated for potable consumption.  These hoses are generally white or blue. 

  3. Site numbers must be readily identifiable and easily to read from the road. 

  4. Campers are responsible and liable for all acts and actions of their family and guest. 

  5. Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM until 8:00 AM.

  6. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.  Children must be at their campsite by 11:00 PM.

  7. Speed limit is 5 MPH.  This includes golf carts.

  8. No firearms or fireworks are permitted.

  9. Pets must be on a leash and under owner’s control at all times.  Pets must never be left unattended outside your campsite.  Excessive barking of pets will not be tolerated. 

  10. Do not string rope around trees as a clothesline.  No cutting of trees.

  11. Trash must be deposited in dumpsters in front lot.

  12. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at the pool.  Proper swimwear only.  No glass containers in the pool area.

  13. Campers’ lot must be kept clean and free of refuse.  Grass is to be mowed and kept neat. 

  14. Failure to maintain Unit’s exterior or campsite appearance – camper will be subject to removal/eviction.

  15. 2 vehicles per campsite.  All others park in visitor parking lot.  Parking is not permitted on grass. 

  16. Vandalism, disorderly conduct and/or rowdiness will not be tolerated.

  17. Beer and alcoholic beverages are permitted with the use of a covered container.

  18. Visitors must leave by 11:00 PM.

  19. No license required for fishing.  All fish must be returned to the lake.  Children must be supervised at the lakes. 

  20. Golf carts are permitted.  You must be 12 years old to drive a golf cart.  Drivers between the ages of 12 to 16 are required to have permission from management and an agreement signed prior to operating a golf cart.  All golf carts must have stock engines in them, and excessively noisy golf carts are not permitted in the park. Golf Carts must have your Site number on them (Seasonal Campers)

  21. Gate key code is for the site owners only. Do Not distribute your key code.

  22. Rules, regulations and waiver of certain guidelines may be authorized only by owners.  Rules and regulations can be changed at any time with no prior notice.

  23. The management reserves the right to ask anyone who has violated the rules and regulations to leave the park without a refund of fees.

  24.  The Use of UTV's or 4-Wheelers is Prohibited.

Campground Rules

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